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Driving, Living and Doing Business in Bad Weather

Photo, "A Snowy Day in Michigan" Courtesy of Bryan Johnson , 2011 Yesterday afternoon, I was quietly thinking about how I would spend the rest of my day.  Having the house, and time, to myself after non-stop holiday activity was just too good to not enjoy. I decided to take a nap and just allow myself to wake up when my body told me to. Only problem is, there was this one fly that didn't get the memo. He danced on the ceiling and buzzed between my blinds and the light globe relentlessly. When I got to the height of my irritation, I had a spiritual "bop" upside my head: having to deal with a fly in late December in Michigan is a miracle. The same miracle that allowed me to take a walk on dry land wearing just a sweater, not have to clean off my car, and turn down my heat. Today, Michigan is looking like Christmas again. I woke up to snowy roads and wet tires on pavement making dirty noises outside my window. As a Michigander, grim forecasts for driver

Cyber Monday

Les Go Social Super Cyber Events   Buy today and get 40% off Constant Contact for 3 months. This is your chance to get an amazing deal, plus all the tools you need to connect with customers and grow your business like never before. 4 days only. Ends at midnight, Thursday Dec 4. Don't wait! #ShopSmallSaturday #SmallBusinessSaturday #CyberMonday #WorldAIDSDay #GivingTuesday #ventureLOCAL #EOHPoetry #lesgosocial As you have probably noticed, each of these newsletters will generally start with a set of hashtags. These hashtags are trending topics and have information indexed on all platforms that support hashtags. For instance, today is Worlds AIDS Day as well as Cyber Monday.  Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, the day dedicated to our non profit sector.