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Happy New Year Everybody

Happy New Year Everybody , a photo by kdee64 on Flickr. I have been social medially quiet this Fall. And, for good reason: I have been helping some amazing clients and begun several new writing adventures. Even still, I miss weekly blogging. This year, one of my goals is to do the things that I love on a consistent basis. That doesn't mean I will just do what I want with reckless abandon. However, my biggest motivator is love. Love for myself, family, people, and passions of creativity. This includes cooking, exercising, journaling, and blogging. How and when do I plan to start this action plan? Now (Hint: I just did). Happy New Year!!!

Ann Arbor with Kids: Protect Your Privacy Online Course Giveaway

#Reblogged :  Ann Arbor with Kids: Protect Your Privacy Online Course Giveaway : As more of our lives have moved online from banking to shopping to social media, protecting your privacy online to help prevent identity the...

Happy Sweetest Day!

The Power of WE - The Triple Bottom Line

In honor and support of Blog Action Day, The Educated Emotion will tap into the Power of WE. We, as in the 111 countries that are represented in today's Blog Action Day . We, as in the thousands of bloggers participating today. We, as in the millions of readers. We, as in the billions of people in our own communities that are currently and have the potential to be affected by the Power of We. Over the past five years, we have experienced a global recession as well as recessions in many of our countries, regions, and cities. One of the positives that has come of this rough time is that we are no longer tolerating a single bottom line that does not reflect the social or environmental values of consumers. Our communities, our countries, our worlds have evolved and expanded due to greater exposure and communication, largely in part to social media. Today we discover the Power of...the Power in...WE. Working together to ensure that we are all doing our part to make sure everyone has a

boost productivity by going easy on yourself

Most often described as a coping technique for stress or anxiety or a form of perfectionism, Procrastination is separate from time management because you know what you are supposed to be doing.  Everyone carries the title at some point. But, per usual, abnormal/need for intervention is gauged by intensity and duration. INCIDENTAL COMICS: Sketchbooks of the Pros :   Here's some tips to deal with procrastination personally, professionally, or to motivate your team: Learn the lesson; quit focusing on each mistake. In fact, quit calling them mistakes! For a perfectionist, the mere thought of being wrong or making a mistake can lead to emails left unresponded to, empty pages, and lost opportunities.    Sometimes, the lesson is learned in the process. Habits are hard to break; h abits are hard to create. It takes consistency and practice before you notice improvement in personal and professional development. Don't take it personally. If you are critiqued, adjus

Crunch Time

Just dropping a note to say - I am here and so is this blog. But, right now is crunch time. So, instead of my normal blog, I will just post upcoming news, tweets, and information...all on this post. There may be some exceptions, but I plan to use this quick update format until the Ann Arbor Summer Festival #a2sf and Achievement Gap Series #a2gap are both expected to be complete by mid-August. Thanks!! Stay tuned at @lesgo4it on Twitter or

People Talk - How to Lose a Prospect in 3 Days

An aerial view of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Businesses without people are just buildings! Today, The Educated Emotion starts its People Talk Series. This series will teach you how to lose a good prospect, a good client, a good customer, a good employee, and a good referral in 3 days or less!  How to Lose a Prospect Last year, I went shopping for a new gym for the first time in years.  I am, by no means, a "gym rat". In fact,  I could probably live inside of a YMCA and still avoid working out on certain days. However, I do like to see energized, welcoming faces when I go to workout. This makes me think they will notice if I am missing in action - which is a good thing for me. Also, as a new entrepreneur, my time and budget are stretched.  In this quest to find the best fit for me, my lifestyle, and my budget I spent about 6 weeks taking tours of various facilities, taking advantage of complimentary guest passes, and hearing a whole bunch of speeches about amenit



Race, Sex, Age and Religion in the Workplace

Somewhere in the movement to stop discriminating against people based on things such as race, sex, age, and religion we are losing the ability to embrace our differences. All businesses should have an understanding of who and what is represented in their staff and client groups. By placing yourself in the shoes of each group represented, you increase your ability to reach new and different markets. I live in a multi-ethnic city and I have learned from many cultures. I think each ethnicity and race has something to offer. I can see myself as a white woman, a black woman, a white man, a black man, a chinese woman, a turkish woman, a pakistanian woman, an italian woman, an irishman, a woman in the congo of Africa walking each morning to get water for her family hoping she doesn't get raped but later seeing her child grow up and come to the united states and receive education and money that he brings back to her and other villagers different times I can see myself in all peopl

Celebrate Your Talent

How can the success of someone who won 415 awards, including 6 Grammy's, be in question?  In a hundred years, someone can listen to a song from Whitney and be encouraged, find enjoyment, and learn from one of her performances. Life, love, and details of the human experience are in each note. As fans and loved ones mourn the life and voice of Whitney Houston , thousands of gossip pieces are being published each hour. Whether someone derives energy and motivation from her life and victories or  condemns and laments her slow-motion death and struggles is clearly a choice. Although it is difficult to fathom why anyone would choose the former, we see people make that choice everyday. Outcomes-Based Assessments Don't (Always) Reflect Loyalty and Consistency In business, assessments are primarily outcomes-based. E specially in technology, interest and activity is heavily centered on staying ahead, being first, knowing what's new. It is easy to get caught up in knowing and doi

Life and Marketing: Nobody Likes a Know-it-All

Do you remember when you knew it all? When you had an answer for everything and everyone? If so, you probably recall that you were somewhere between the ages of 13 and 25. By the time you hit your 30's you realize that you know almost nothing - that this universe is much bigger than the human brain. As an adult, each day you are faced with more to learn, to know. As marketing professionals, it is important to make sure that you have knowledge and skill but wisdom to use them effectively. You may be "all tech" but that doesn't mean your customers are. Understanding your audience is as important as understanding your product or service.

Why Bother?

Why do you make New Year's resolutions? There is a great chance that you will not meet your goals. Studies show that about 50% of people who make resolutions discard them by June and only 12% achieve them. Why bother? If you can answer this loaded question in a single sentence, perhaps you should not bother. Just because you would like to see an improvement, does not mean you are ready for the change necessary to make that happen. That doesn't make you a bad person or the goal bad, it just might not be the right time. The reason behind each resolution much be bigger than any obstacle you might face in order for it to consistently rise to the top of your priorities. I recently read " The Power to Reinvent Yourself " and the first chapter is dedicated to understanding your 'why?' The author contends that you will only change when your 'why' gets bigger than your circumstances, limitations, excuses, etc. So, it doesn't really matter about the h