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Remember Your Dream

MLK Day is not a holiday for slackers. The Martin Luther King Day of Service was created to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through reflection and service. Instead of blogging last Monday morning, I used that time to reflect and have meaningful discussion with my son about some of the lesser known allies to the civil rights movement such as Bill Cosby, Harry Belafonte , and Charlton Heston.  In addition, this entire month I have been revisiting my current projects to see how they aligned with my overall goals. Last week, I reflected on the reasons why I constructed this blog . I have a blog that deals with personal and professional development. I have a poetry blog...well, because I'm a poet. But, this blog is the one I chose to associate with my business . The Educated Emotion debuted on December 1, 2011 and has several meanings, both personal and professional.  On a personal level, it was to capture and communicate what I have learned and continue to l