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LinkedIn Has Been Listening

Linkedin is now shinier and more functional than ever! I haven't had time to go through all the new features yet, but here are my favorite three new features so far:

1. Familiar Menu and Profile. You don't have to dig through drop down menus on your profile page for basic information like 'Notifications' and 'Messaging'. Also, the profile and header area take up less space so you can see more information above the fold.


2. A Clean Home. Did you ever feel like you needed a map to get around your own home page? Yeah, me too. Now there is a distinct newsfeed/timeline in the middle with your own numbers on the left.

3.  Easy to Navigate Privacy. I remember taking 15 minutes just to explain to a class where to find some of the privacy controls in LinkedIn a few years ago. Now it is laid out so clearly I dare say other social utilities might take note!


I imagine there will be more I'll have to say about the new improved LinkedIn over the next few months. In the meantime, go in and play around!

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Please note: Comments can be made directly underneath each blog post. Any Comments made previously, via Google +, will no longer show up under blog posts.''

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