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People Talk - How to Lose a Prospect in 3 Days

Today, The Educated Emotion starts its People Talk Series. This series will teach you how to lose a good prospect, a good client, a good customer, a good employee, and a good referral in 3 days or less! 

How to Lose a Prospect
Last year, I went shopping for a new gym for the first time in years.  I am, by no means, a "gym rat". In fact,  I could probably live inside of a YMCA and still avoid working out on certain days. However, I do like to see energized, welcoming faces when I go to workout. This makes me think they will notice if I am missing in action - which is a good thing for me. Also, as a new entrepreneur, my time and budget are stretched.  In this quest to find the best fit for me, my lifestyle, and my budget I spent about 6 weeks taking tours of various facilities, taking advantage of complimentary guest passes, and hearing a whole bunch of speeches about amenities and customer satisfaction. 

All of the gyms had their perks and pluses - one had a pool and a hot tub,…