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boost productivity by going easy on yourself

Most often described as a coping technique for stress or anxiety or a form of perfectionism, Procrastination is separate from time management because you know what you are supposed to be doing.  Everyone carries the title at some point. But, per usual, abnormal/need for intervention is gauged by intensity and duration.

Here's some tips to deal with procrastination personally, professionally, or to motivate your team:
Learn the lesson; quit focusing on each mistake. In fact, quit calling them mistakes! For a perfectionist, the mere thought of being wrong or making a mistake can lead to emails left unresponded to, empty pages, and lost opportunities. Sometimes, the lesson is learned in the process. Habits are hard to break; habits are hard to create. It takes consistency and practice before you notice improvement in personal and professional development.Don't take it personally. If you are critiqued, adjust and move forward.Five-minute plan: Work on something you don't want to…