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Scale Back to Scale Up

This month, my business turned one year old.  When I look back at my original business plan, I am awed at the goals I had. Several months in, I found myself frustrated working 10 to 12 hours, 7 days a week with little to no profits. I went to a business advisor and she said "why don't you employ the same philosophy you have for small business in your own operations."

That piece of advice was a huge turning point for me. I scaled back my operations and am slowly re-integrating one thing at a time. By scaling back on my own goals and operations, I am able to spend more time with each client, learning throughout the process with smaller, smarter goals. Today, Deb Nystrom and I are hosting a free free webinar on Google + from 1 to 2 p.m. as part of the Social Media Week festivities. Please join us by signing up with the eventbrite link by 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or via email at Leslie [at]

Don't have a Google + Account yet? No worries. Deb has created instructions to get set up:

If you don’t yet have a gmail or Google Apps account

  1. Sign up for a gmail account  or check to see if you already have a Google Apps account.  Either will work

      My Gmail personal account                                                  My DebNystrom@  business
                                     Google Apps email account.

  1. Click on the Google+ box in your Google email account  (It will be beige or red - if there is a specific message for you waiting, like an old style phone button)

  • Google+ messages are showing, but Google+ is not yet open.

  1. Click on the BLUE
Google+ name to open Google+.

  1. Google+ viola!  
  2. At the time of a hangout, to which you’ve been invited, you should see a Google+ hangout invitation in your Google+ stream.  
  3. Click on the Google+ hangout invite button and a new window will open.  
  4. Adjust your microphone and volume, and you’ll be hanging out with the cool kids in Google+ hangout.


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