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All Work and Image Play Against Innovation

All Image and No Identity Makes Biz a Dull Subject
Most digital marketing firms help businesses develop a brand image. This is essentially working on how your market perceives you. Brand image is driven by market and company research, relies heavily on previous consumers, finding what consumers want to know, and what you have to offer. Taking the guess work out of what you do can help consumers make informed and timely purchasing decisions.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” ― Dolly Parton

A similar form of brand marketing is via brand identity. This is getting "who you really are" across channels in a forward-thinking, strategic manner. This Spring, I am actively working on sharpening the brand identity for Les Go and Les Go Social Media Marketing and Training. I have shied away from heavy-handed branding because I am a creative and want to allow room to evolve. I love technology, I have mastered marketing with over 70 social media sites that can help depending on what industry a business is in, and I have a background in customer service and training. Still, what distinguishes me from other folks in my industry is the way my mind works - not just what's in it.
A client recently told me the two most valuable items I bring to clients are my mind and my heart. Interestingly, this is exactly why I began The Educated Emotion blog. Now, I am looking at a first draft logo my teenage son sketched (not the one shown) that has a big heart in the middle. I was advised to make my logo more accurately reflect the technology I consult and teach on. But, that is who I am.


Nobody Does It [Business] Like You Babe

I wish I could tell you that brand identity is easy or new customers will start beating your doors down as soon as you unveil yourself to the public. But, that'd be fibbing. Some of the most talented, creative, and innovative minds of today and in history never found met success they deserved. One of the most captivating stories is that of Florence Ballard. Known as the lost supreme, she was an original member of the Motown group. Never really finding a way to learn and communicate her own identity via song, her life and career were cut short. Her 32 years on earth included a rape, depression, alcoholism, poverty, foreclosure, violent marriage, and bad business deals. 

Up until recently, the only time I had heard Ballard sing was with the Supremes. Although Ballard had a stronger, more soulful voice than Diana Ross, Ross clearly was the best choice for lead on most of the songs sung by the Supremes. However, since I have been introduced to the real Florence Ballard, I love her voice. I can't help but ponder what her life and career would have looked like if she had spent time developing her own voice and identity unrelated to MoTown and emerged as an individual not in competition with anyone. Unfortunately, I cannot go back and help Florence - but I can learn from it and hopefully help someone else find their own unique brand identity.


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