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Celebrate Your Talent

How can the success of someone who won 415 awards, including 6 Grammy's, be in question?  In a hundred years, someone can listen to a song from Whitney and be encouraged, find enjoyment, and learn from one of her performances. Life, love, and details of the human experience are in each note. As fans and loved ones mourn the life and voice of Whitney Houston, thousands of gossip pieces are being published each hour. Whether someone derives energy and motivation from her life and victories or  condemns and laments her slow-motion death and struggles is clearly a choice. Although it is difficult to fathom why anyone would choose the former, we see people make that choice everyday.

Outcomes-Based Assessments Don't (Always) Reflect Loyalty and Consistency

In business, assessments are primarily outcomes-based. Especially in technology, interest and activity is heavily centered on staying ahead, being first, knowing what's new. It is easy to get caught up in knowing and doing everything that is fresh.

What social media marketing and technology is teaching us is that there is something beyond our traditional idea of outcomes. The Rate of Influence, for instance, is commonly measured by behaviors and activities of consumers such as tweets, retweets, mentions, social plug-ins, and shares. These behaviors are a result of relationships with unpredictable consumers, which take time and energy to develop. There is no sense in waiting until overwhelming success is obtained. If you are moving with aim and purpose that is in line with your personal or business goals, you will eventually see results. By getting bogged down with the negative, you may lose the very creativity that helped you start on your successful path in the first place.

Why Celebrate Your Talent?
This organic activity we see online is a symbol of how an an organization works. Here's a few reasons to take a moment TODAY and celebrate your talent:

1.  It only takes a moment! That, in of itself, should be enough reason. It is so easy to shake the janitor's hand as you leave out the building or say happy birthday and highlight an accomplisment of a coworker as the staff meeting begins.

2. Establish a culture of celebration. If you establish a culture of celebration, areas for improvement or corrective measures are received differently. That is not to be confused with culture of partying or happy hours.  Self and team assessments need to include behaviors and positive changes that are related to success. You are, hopefully, developing leaders within your organization.

3. By celebrating your own talent, you create an energy that is similar to the artist. It is no longer about you, your daily gripes or duties. It is about developing your talents, strengths, and skills. Instead of focusing on what the organization is doing or not doing, you are more concerned with your own individual excellence. This can help you engage and prepare for your move up and think like a leader within your organization. Or, find an organization that will allow you to become the extraordinary person you discover.

"The time to worrying about flying is when you're on the ground. When you're up in the air, it's too late. No point in worrying about it then."~Denzel Washington


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